Sea, Vistula, Island, Old Historic Fortress, Mysterious Forest, Baltic Sun, Closed Island – this is how the Wisloujście project can be described in a few words.

Together with Sphinx700 and with the support of Poland’s largest electronic music clubs – Prozak in Krakow, Tama in Poznan, and Ciało club in Wroclaw – we are once again preparing a musical project in the historic Wisloujście Fortress. The monumental fortification, for years serving as a bastion and lighthouse, will become for the third time a place full of music, dance and freedom. You will find five stages on the event grounds.

Wisloujście is primarily a daytime event – the main focus of the event is shifted to the middle of the day. The event starts at noon, and the main stage closes before 3:00 a.m. In addition to the music, there is a strong emphasis on the visual aspect of the event. You can expect dedicated decorations and scenery on site, embedded in the architecture of the Fortress. The entire interior and exterior of the island will be adapted for the festival site.

Due to the historic profile of the location and the safety of participants, the number of tickets is severely limited.


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