Bryska nasze lovestory tour

She is the pop discovery of last year. In 2022, with the remixes of her hits ‘odbicie’ and ‘mam kogoś lepiej’, Bryska became one of the most important female vocalists in Poland. Her debut album ‘moja ciemność’ and the re-release “[moja ciemność]²” both went Platinum, as did the aforementioned remixes and this summer’s hit, “Samba,” recorded with the formation YouNotUs. During the summer, she toured extensively in nearly 40 cities and loved performing live in front of her ever-growing fan base.

Not surprisingly, spring 2023 marks her return to the stage and concerts in 11 of Poland’s largest cities as part of her first own tour – “Nasze LOVESTORY Tour.” Familiar radio hits in ‘live’ arrangements, record-breaking non-singles beloved by her fans, musical surprises and, above all, the humor and distance from reality that her listeners love her so much for – this is the “Nasze LOVESTORY Tour 2023”.

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