He has been involved with music since childhood. He sang at the National Opera, attended the Flynn Performing Arts School in Newry and studied voice at London’s prestigious BIMM college. He possesses an extremely rare voice – a countertenor. Despite his classical training, he focuses on challenging pop and alternative music in his work. He made his FONOBO Pitcher debut with the single “Do you wanna come over?”, with which he delighted more than a million listeners worldwide. On March 25, 2022, his debut album “POWER” was released.

Since the release of his debut EP, he has grown tremendously in his confidence as an artist, which can be heard perfectly in his latest single “Gladiator.” Jann – by his own admission – feels best on stage. During this year, he could be seen at the
Poland’s largest festivals (including OFF Festival, Great September). He also played in Budapest (BUSH 2022) and Bratislava. In the fall he embarked on his next tour and performed with his band in front of Raph Kaminski. He also has other support acts to his credit (BoyPablo, Homeshake). He was a finalist in the Polish preselections for the Eurovision Song Contest.

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