Mery Spolsky LIVE ACT

You probably didn’t think it would end with the book…? “I am Mary and I think I’m going to kill myself today” was published in June this year and stole the hearts of thousands of readers. Now Mery Spolsky unveils more pages of the Marysia universe and invites the public to a unique LIVE ACT.
The heroine Marysia (who hides black thoughts under her black fringe), created by the artist, descends from the printed pages of the book straight to the stage to speak live about self-acceptance, death, a fat belly and love. You will get a glimpse into her world, where nothing is just black and white – absurdity and abstraction mix with the mundane of life, and satire with sadness and longing.
You will be prepared for a mixture of music, words, visual sensations and black humor. Starring: Mery Spolsky. In the role of musical narrator: music producer No Echoes.
From Mery Spolsky:
I would like to invite you to the crazy and black-and-white world of Marysia, where nothing is only black and white. “I’m Marysia and I think I’m going to kill myself today” LIVE ACT will not be a concert, nor a performance or a book reading, nor will it be a monodrama. So what will it be? It will be a stereodrama! That is, a mix of it all. For the past year we have been preparing something very special with producer No Echoes. We will present it to you during the LIVE ACTU! Come on… just a request, dress in black!
Mery Spolsky – has been making a strong presence on the Polish music scene for several years. Performer, singer, composer and songwriter, who like few others can play with words, an artist with a distinctive image and personality. She has two albums to her credit, “Pleased to Have Met You” and “Decalogue Spolsky.” – both with Fryderyk Award nominations. Her debut book “I am Marysia and I think I’m going to kill myself today” was published in June 2021.

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