MUST: Boris Brejcha

Boris Brejcha made his official debut in 2006 with a release for the Berlin-based label Autist Records. Since then, after numerous travels, three full-length albums, and subsequent singles, he has gained a massive following worldwide, with fans embracing his signature style known as “High-Tech Minimal.” After seven years of collaboration with Harthouse, the artist established his own label called Fckng Serious, where he and his friends Ann Clue and Deniz Bul release music according to their own ideas.

In early 2016, Boris released his fifth full-length album titled “22,” which encapsulates the essence of his style. In the same year, he embarked on the “Boris Brejcha Showcase” tour, combining music and visuals to create an extraordinary experience. Additionally, in 2017, the representatives of “Fckng Serious” embarked on a special Bus Tour, performing 10 times within a span of 12 days.

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