Zdechły Osa Breslau Hardcore

Longing for Wroclaw’s west coast? The Thirdeye Mafia representative is back with his second album “Breslau Hardcore” and with that he’s back on tour. The album’s premiere is on February 17, 2023 and Osa – increasingly dead – will play in a few selected cities in March.

Zdechły Osa – an artist who can be called neither a rapper nor a rocker, but is undoubtedly one of the more distinct personalities of the Polish underground. But he is certainly worth calling a subversive. Strong sounds, punk lyrics and an even more punk atmosphere at concerts, which cannot be experienced anywhere else than at the very home of Zdechły Osa. Like no other artist, he is able to capture the hedonistic and decadent spirit of modern times in the form of a short, dirty, but unforgettable song. It’s been a long time since any artist has stirred up the Polish scene in such a way, while openly admitting that he doesn’t want to be lumped in with rappers who he associates with “wackiness” and “tautness.” At his concert you can expect spinning mills in front of the stage and ripped throats like at hardcore gigs. We’ll see you there!

Wsparcie ze środków Subwencji Finansowej udzielonej przez PFR S.A.