Fest Festival

We knew there was a place in Poland with undiscovered potential – a place where we could create one of the most impressive festivals on the national map. That location is, of course, the Silesian Park in Chorzów. We decided to accentuate its natural beauty with impressive decorations to create a festival site like no one has seen before in Poland. We emphasized our intentions with the name – we chose the word “fest”, which in Silesian slang also means “a lot” and “strongly”.

Our audience took the name of the FEST Festival to heart. 25,000 people partied in Silesian Park on August 23rd and 24th. We provided 8 stages for participants: Main Stage, Tent Stage, Silesia Stage, New Stage, Club Stage, and, of course, Smolna, Raban, and Astral which were the basis of Kręgi Taneczne zone. Nearly a hundred artists performed in the span of 2 days. Our debut was a success. It is evidenced not only by the attendance but also by thousands of smiles on the faces of our visitors, as well as hundreds of favorable comments and declarations of returning in the following year.



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