He has been involved with music since childhood. He sang at the National Opera, attended the Flynn Performing Arts School in Newry and studied voice at London’s prestigious BIMM college. He possesses an extremely rare voice – a countertenor. Despite his classical training, he focuses on challenging pop and alternative music in his work. He made his FONOBO Pitcher debut with the single “Do you wanna come over?”, with which he delighted more than a million listeners worldwide. On March 25, 2022, his debut album “POWER” was released.

  • Bryska nasze lovestory tour

    She is the pop discovery of last year. In 2022, with the remixes of her hits ‘reflection’ and ‘I’ve got someone better,’ Bryska became one of the most important singers in Poland. Not surprisingly, the spring of 2023 marks her return to the stage and concerts in 11 of Poland’s largest cities as part of her first own tour, the Nasze LOVESTORY Tour’.

  • Sanah Kolońska i Szlugi Tour

    After the great success of her debut #NoSory Tour, sanah is not slowing down and will embark on a new tour this fall to promote her album “Irenka.”

  • Sanah #NOSORY TOUR

    The drama queen is embarking on her first concert tour. The #NoSory Tour includes 8 extraordinary concerts in 7 major cities in Poland. However, they will not be typical shows. sanah will take you on a fairytale journey through the land of melodies that will reach everyone’s heart. There will be tulle, lace, flowers, and above all, an extremely intimate and unique performance, the likes of which have never been seen in Poland before.

  • Zdechły Osa Breslau Hardcore

    Longing for Wroclaw’s west coast? The Thirdeye Mafia representative is back with his second album “Breslau Hardcore” and with that he’s back on tour. The album premieres on February 17, 2023 and Osa – increasingly dead – will play in several selected cities in March.

  • 1988: Ruleta Show

    88 with a BIG RULETA is hitting your city, what do you do?
    Well, you’d rather go listen to it live, because the album crew will be really strong, including Tymek, Tonfa, Zdechły Osa, Nath, Kosi, Hades, Barto Katt and Szczyl! The concert material will be expanded with additional tracks with selected artists.
    “RULETA” is a compilation of more than thirty artists – from mainstream to underground, from old-timers to newcomers, from pop to rap or experimental music.

  • Mery Spolsky LIVE ACT

    You probably didn’t think it would end with the book…? “I am Mary and I think I’m going to kill myself today” was published in June this year and stole the hearts of thousands of readers. Now Mery Spolsky unveils more pages of the Marysia universe and invites the public to a unique LIVE ACT.

  • Natalia Przybysz MTV Unplugged

    Natalia is embarking on an MTV Unplugged tour. She will visit eight major cities in Poland as early as June. She will play in Krakow, Szczecin, Poznan, Lodz, Olsztyn, Gdansk and Warsaw. During the concert, the artist will perform acoustic versions of her biggest hits from her last three albums “Prąd”, “Światło Nocne” and “Jak Malować Ogień”. In keeping with tradition, guests will also appear on the MTV Unplugged stage.

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