• On Air Festival

    ON AIR is a mix of the atmosphere of London’s Lovebox and the legendary Lollapalooza transferred to vibrant Warsaw. The idea of the festival is to combine different music genres – from indie rock hits, pop and hip-hop to experimental music. The festival town will also feature chillout zones, bars with refreshing drinks, foodtrucks with delicious food and plenty of other attractions. Get ready for a dose of positive energy surrounded by neon lights, good music and the one-of-a-kind atmosphere of the last days of summer vacation.

  • Wisłoujście

    Sea, Vistula, Island, Old Historic Fortress, Mysterious Forest, Baltic Sun, Closed Island – this is how the Wisloujście project can be described in a few words.

  • Summer Contrast Festival

    Summer Contrast is not just an electronic music festival. It is an invitation to a parallel world where time flows differently and colors are more vivid. For a few days, surrounded by the Rega river and located in a beautiful valley, the private space in Rogalinko (West Pomeranian Voivodeship) offers almost endless ways to spend time. Free from sponsors and created from the ground up, Summer Contrast is not a service for clients. It is an initiative that you can co-create with your presence and by sharing energy with others. And immersion in hypnotic sounds helps with that.

  • Dance Circles

    Dance Circles are part of the so-called festival zone in the vast space of Silesian Park. It’s a place that’s seen many regional and traditional bands perform. But during the FEST Festival this area transforms into a club haven filled with various electronic sounds. Every stage here has its theme and sound. This year we will unveil the fifth Krąg Taneczny.

  • Fest Festival

    We knew there was a place in Poland with undiscovered potential – a place where we could create one of the most impressive festivals on the national map. That location is, of course, the Silesian Park in Chorzów. We decided to accentuate its natural beauty with impressive decorations to create a festival site like no one has seen before in Poland. We emphasized our intentions with the name – we chose the word “fest”, which in Silesian slang also means “a lot” and “strongly”.

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