After over thee years of absence, Pezet went on tour in autumn of 2016. One of the most cherished Polish rappers visited some of the biggest cities in Poland, where he presented his original material. The tour started on 8th of October in Cracow and ended on 11th of December in Lublin.

It goes without saying, that Pezet has become one of the most iconic figures on the Polish rap scene. His portfolio includes three albums recorded with Onar under the duo’s stage name Płomień 81, two albums created with Mikołaj „Noon” Bugajski, two solo projects and one recorded with his brother Małolat. He was nominated for Fryderyk (annual award in Polish music) for his 2004 album Muzyka Poważna and 2007 album Muzyka Rozrywkowa. His two latest albums – Dziś w moim mieście from 2007 and Radio Pezet from 2012 – have become gold records.

Apart from his musical career, Pezet tried his hand at many things. He was a TV presenter and worked for channels such as VIVA and RBL TV. Since 2011 he is a chief of music label Koka Beats and an owner of Koka clothing brand.

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