• Charlotte de Witte

    Charlotte de Witte is a DJ born in Belgium, whose rapid rise in the music industry has made her one of the most sought-after names in electronic music today. With numerous performances across all continents, covers on Mixmag and DJ Mag, high chart positions, and a strong presence on social media, she has solidified her status as nouveaux techno royalty. Through her label KNTXT, Charlotte de Witte organizes events, releases music, and curates radio shows. KNTXT represents purity, power, and progression in the vibrant and ever-evolving techno scene.

  • Boris Brejcha: Twierdza Modlin

    Boris Brejcha, the undisputed king of the high-tech minimal genre, with 9 releases to his name, including 4 albums and 5 compilations, will be performing in Warsaw for the third time. In the past, he has consistently proven why he is a favorite among the Polish audience, delivering his characteristic energetic sets, always enhanced by spectacular visual productions.
    This time will be no different!

  • Arena Gliwice: Boris Brejcha

    Boris Brejcha’s upcoming visit to Poland will be exceptional in every way. Together with the FCKNG SERIOUS label, we invite you to a special show at Arena Gliwice. Alongside the king of High-Tech Minimal genre, artists from his label will also perform, each presenting a unique edition with extended sets.

  • Hala Stulecia: Boris Brejcha

    Exactly 4 months after his performance at FSO in Warsaw, Boris Brejcha will once again visit Poland. This time, the king of High-Tech Minimal genre will be performing in Wrocław, and together with artists from two different genres, they will fill the Centennial Hall with the finest electronic music.

  • FSO1: Boris Brejcha

    Boris Brejcha is returning to Poland to promote his latest album, and for this special occasion, we are reviving the Praga Car Factory. The industrial and abandoned spaces, once filled with life, will now be transformed into a showcase of electronic music and outstanding lighting design.

  • MUST: Boris Brejcha

    MUST is a new series of events featuring giants of the international electronic music scene. Their live acts or elaborate DJ sets will be accompanied by unique visual production, utilizing state-of-the-art multimedia techniques and dedicated stage design. Boris Brejcha will be performing at the premiere of the series.

  • ERGO Arena: Boris Brejcha

    One of the most popular electronic music-related artists in the world, the king of the high-tech minimal genre and a DJ who captivates crowds. The beloved artist in Poland has performed at Follow The Step events four times, and his only concert in 2023 is scheduled for October 13 at ERGO ARENA Gdansk/Sopot.ERGO Arena: Boris Brejcha

  • Undercity Festival

    Undercity is an event where music, lights and the city form an inseparable whole.

    An indoor city festival entirely dedicated to electronic music. The locations of the festival are spectacular venues where sports and cultural events are held on a daily basis.

    The infrastructure is based on modern technological forms and advanced pyrotechnics.

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